My Dahlia Collection

I am a very passionate collector of Dahlias, they are my favourite flower.

My collection of over 2,500 Dahlias includes more than 550 cultivars across all variety types.

I find the extensive range of colours and shape and form absolutely spellbinding, and the lifecycle of a Dahlia is just so fascinating.

I get so much joy walking through my Dahlia field in season, basking in the beauty and learning something new every single time I see them.

I am always finding new and beautiful cultivars to add to my collection and strive to keep hard-to-find varieties going.

I love being able to share my collection with the public in my annual Dahlia tuber sale. You can explore my collection below. Note - new cultivars will be added to the collection throughout flowering season (Feb/Mar).

As my farm has limited space, I only grow a small number of each cultivar (typically four of each, more of favourites or excellent cutting varieties), to enable growing a broad collection. This means tubers of each variety will always be VERY limited.

If you are interested in Dahlia seeds, please click here. All Dahlia tubers and seeds from Southern Highlands Flower Farm have been grown, harvested, sorted and packaged on the farm.

Enjoy the Dahlias, Jen x

Terms & Conditions

Dahlia tubers will be available for sale online when dividing is finished in Winter, with a second release in Spring (after planting out our farm), until sold out. Email subscribers will be notified of the sale the day before advertised on social media.

All varieties will show as sold out until the sale is published. I keep my entire catalogue online and update it throughout the year with new varieties so that the variety information is available for everyone as a reference. If during dividing I find I will not be able to supply certain varieties in the upcoming tuber sale, I will mark them as not available for this year or remove them from the site during the sale.

I will not be shipping Dahlia tubers until eyes are clearly visible to all growers, guaranteeing you a viable tuber. Tubers BEGIN shipping in OCTOBER. My farm is in a cool climate area and it takes a good while for my tubers to wake up. I will not be shipping any dormant tubers earlier.
If any varieties that you order do not make it through storage, you will be contacted immediately and given a refund - I do not substitute tubers at my discretion as you are obviously ordering specific varieties.

Please contact me immediately (with photographs) if there is any issue on arrival of your order and I will rectify immediately (claim period is maximum one week after receipt). A Dahlia Growing Guide is provided with your order to assist you in storing and growing your Dahlia's successfully, however NO responsibility is taken by me for the tubers or their growth after you have received them.You need to monitor your tubers while they are being stored to ensure they stay in a viable condition. Every climate and soil type is different so it is very important you learn what works in your individual environment.

Please note that tubers should not be planted until all risk of frost has passed. The general recommendation in Australia is that Dahlias are planted the first weekend of November, but you can alter this to suit your own climate (at your own risk).

All Dahlia tubers available from Southern Highlands Flower Farm have been grown, harvested, sorted and packaged on the farm. No tubers are brought in from any other grower, so you can be assured that the quality meets my standards, and I therefore guarantee named cultivars (so please contact me if there is any mislabel concern once flowering).

Shipping Information

Dahlia Tubers can be shipped Australia-wide, with the unfortunate exceptions of WA, NT & TAS due to quarantine restrictions.

Dahlia Tubers are carefully and beautifully packaged, then shipped via Australia Post EXPRESS to ensure your tubers arrive quickly. You will receive tracking information to your nominated email address when shipped.

Shipping rates include Australia Post parcel fees (which have recently increased) and the costs of packaging. We keep the costs as low as possible for you.

SHIPPING RATES (Express Post Only):
1-3 = $19
4-6 = $24
7-14 = $29
15-30 = $35
31+ = $40

PLEASE NOTE - shipping costs are per order and unfortunately separate orders CANNOT be combined.