Community wellbeing is an important part of everyday life that sometimes gets overlooked. My most fulfilling and joyful flower deliveries since I started the flower farm have been to charming residents of aged care facilities who once had their own beautiful gardens. Seeing them delight in my ‘garden’ flowers has always brought me so much joy. I want to give this joy back with the abundance of blooms I now grow, sharing my flowers with our local aged-care facilities and hospital each week in the hope that it will bring smiles to residents faces and hopefully remind them of happy times in their gardens. 

This is evolving into the charitable arm of my business, and I am so proud to have grown my flower farm to a place that we can support and encourage this kind of community enrichment. I have so many fresh flowers, and what better way to make the most of the them than by sharing them with community members who are either no longer able to grow them themselves, or those facing hardship in hospital that could use something to brighten their day.

I want to support and encourage a culture of kindness and compassion in our community. For those that would love to help but have busy lives, you can support this program by joining our Bloom Club (coming soon), which includes many more benefits for you as well.

If you have any recommendations or requests for donation locations, or you would like to volunteer to assist in this program, please contact me.