My Dahlia Collection

I am a very passionate collector of Dahlias, they are my favourite flower.

My collection of over 3,000 Dahlias includes more than 600 cultivars across all variety types.

I find the extensive range of colours and shape and form absolutely spellbinding, and the lifecycle of a Dahlia is just so fascinating.

I get so much joy walking through my Dahlia field in season, basking in the beauty and learning something new every single time I see them.

I am always finding new and beautiful cultivars to add to my collection and strive to keep hard-to-find varieties going.

I love being able to share my collection with the public in my annual Dahlia tuber sale. You can explore my collection on the Dahlia Tubers page.

As my farm has limited space, I only grow a small number of each cultivar (typically four of each, more of favourites or excellent cutting varieties), to enable growing a broad collection. This means tubers of each variety will always be VERY limited.

If you are interested in Dahlia SEEDS, please click here.

All Dahlia tubers and seeds from Southern Highlands Flower Farm have been grown, harvested, sorted and packaged on the farm.

Enjoy the Dahlias, Jen x