Dahlia Seeds

Breeding Dahlias has become a very popular hobby amongst Dahlia lovers. To breed a new Dahlia cultivar, it has to be grown from seed.

Dahlia genetics are complex. Dahlias have eight sets of chromosomes, making them octoploids. This is what creates such variety in the colours and shapes of Dahlias. The potential genetic combinations are endless.

The original Dahlia was a single flower, which is why a lot of seeds will grow into singles, but encouraging genetic traits from parent plants by using seed from a specific cultivar or variety type can enhance (but not at all guarantee) the chance of possibly passing on some of those traits and growing you a potential new beauty.

Pollination of Dahlias on my farm is done the way nature intended, by the bees. My Dahlias are planted in rows of type (e.g. all Ball Dahlias are planted in the same row), which gives a greater chance of a beautiful bee cross-pollinating the same type together as it moves from one Dahlia plant to the next.

Dahlia seeds create many varied Dahlias, sometimes beautiful, sometimes 'interesting'. Growing Dahlias from seed is all about experimental play and waiting for the surprise, so have fun!

PLEASE NOTE - Dahlia cultivars do not grow true from seed. To obtain a true-to-parent Dahlia, you must grow the plant from a tuber or cutting. Variety/cultivar-specific seeds are parent seeds which offer the possibility of passing down genetic traits from the parent plant.


Sow: Spring

Depth: 6mm

Spacing: 60cm

Height: 120cm

Pinch: Yes

Maturity: 16 weeks

A great tip to start germinating your Dahlia seeds is between moist paper towel, transferring to seed trays trays once viable seeds have germinated.

All flower seeds available from Southern Highlands Flower Farm have been grown, harvested, sorted and packaged on the farm.

Dahlia seeds typically germinate gradually (i.e. not all at the same time) and have an average germination rate of 50-75% (my personal germination rates are always at the higher end of this average). I recommend that Dahlia seeds are all sown in Spring the same year you receive them. Seeds held for longer will have lower viability rates.

Please store your seeds in a cool, dark and dry location until ready for planting.

Happy flowering! Jen x

Terms & Conditions

All seeds are hand-harvested, sorted and packed on the flower farm.

Each seed variety has been germination tested.

Please store your seeds in a cool, dry place until ready for sowing, then follow the instructions to grow your plants.

All packaging used is recyclable, so please reuse or sustainably dispose of the materials.

You are responsible for the growth of your seeds and plants.

Every propagation setup, climate and soil type is different so it is very important you learn what works in your individual environment and take care of your seeds and plants accordingly. No responsibility is taken by Southern Highlands Flower Farm for the growth of your plants after you have received your seeds.

Shipping Information

Seeds can be posted Australia-wide, with the unfortunate exceptions of WA, NT & TAS due to quarantine restrictions.