The life of my Peony dream so far..

My Peony Patch began when I started the flower farm, with a timeline fit for a flower addict:

2019 - planted a few

2020 - planted 30 more

2021 - 'needed' 500 more, so the Peonies became part of the main patch

2022 - we were impacted by major flooding and lost 2/3 of them, so I replanted nearly 1,000 more during the farm rebuild

2023 - I am so in love with my Peonies that have flowered this season that plans are in progress to expand my collection, with a dedicated (rather large) Peony Patch holding a collection of more than 2,000 plants across 30 different varieties, to be completed in 2024

2024 - the final 1,200 Peonies will be planted in Autumn, with flowers expected from a small portion of the existing patch in Spring.

2025 - I expect to release a broad range of fresh Peonies in season and open the Peony Patch for beautiful farm experiences!

The Peony Patch will then increase in production and beauty every year it matures.