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Tweedia ‘Pint Double Mix Blue’ Seeds

Tweedia ‘Pint Double Mix Blue’ Seeds

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Oxypetalum coeruleum (Pint Double Mix Blue)

A speciality variety of Tweedia bred specifically for the cut flower market. Booming in popularity with US/Canada flower farmers - Sustainable Flowers Podast just did a feature episode on it.

A true blue flower is rare and this one is a total stunner. This vine-style plant is a perfect bouquet accent and filler, giving a unique element to your flower arranging with its turquoise-blue star-shaped flowers.

Tweedia is in the milk-weed family and has a toxic sap that can irritate, so avoid skin contact. It’s beauty is worth the effort!

Tweedia mostly survives Winter in the Southern Highlands (and in my micro-climate) but should be grown as an annual in colder climates. In warmer climates with longer days Tweedia will flower year-round.

I recommend soaking before sowing and they like to start warm and stay warm, so germinate early indoors using a heat mat and keep them inside with light and warmth until the soil is warm enough for planting.

Type: Perennial

Sow: Autumn/Spring

Depth: Surface sow

Spacing: 30cm

Height: 60cm

Pinch: Optional

Maturity: 18 weeks

All flower seeds available from Southern Highlands Flower Farm have been grown on our farm and pollinated naturally by the bees. We hand-harvest, sort and package all of the seeds you receive.

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