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Dahlia Seeds - Decorative Mix

Dahlia Seeds - Decorative Mix

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Approximately 10 open-pollinated seeds

This Decorative Mix includes seeds from Giant Decorative Dahlias right through Large, Medium and Small, to Mini Decorative Dahlias, so there will be a mix of seed sizes (eg giant flowers create giant seeds, mini flowers create mini seeds, etc).

My collection of premium cut flower Dahlia cultivar seeds offers a unique opportunity to create beauty in your garden.


Dahlias do not grow true from seed. To obtain a true-to-parent Dahlia, you must grow the plant from a tuber or cutting.

Dahlia seeds create many varied Dahlias, sometimes beautiful, sometimes 'interesting'. Growing Dahlias from seed is all about experimenting and waiting for the surprise, so have fun!

Type: Perennial

Sow: Spring

Depth: 6mm

Spacing: 60cm

Height: 120cm

Pinch: Yes

Maturity: 16 weeks

A great tip to start germinating your Dahlia seeds is between moist paper towel, transferring to seed trays trays once viable seeds have germinated.

All flower seeds available from Southern Highlands Flower Farm have been grown on our farm and pollinated naturally by the bees. We hand-harvest, sort and package all of the seeds you receive.

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