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Online Winter Dahlia Workshop - DELUXE ACCESS

Online Winter Dahlia Workshop - DELUXE ACCESS

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New in 2024, my Winter Dahlia Workshop is now available online! Learn how to divide Dahlias, plan and manage your Dahlia patch and so much more - on demand, when it suits you.

As a limited first release, this 'Deluxe Access' version of the workshop includes your online lessons (plus bonus topics), a workshop goodie bag (delivered to your door), as well as exclusive early access to my Winter Dahlia Tuber sale!

This is an introductory course that is aimed at the home grower - no previous experience is required.


  1. Pruning / Cutting Back Dahlias
  2. Lifting / Digging Dahlias
  3. Washing (or not washing!) Dahlia Tubers
  4. Dividing Dahlias - Part 1
  5. Dividing Dahlias - Part 2
  6. Dividing Dahlias - Part 3
  7. Storing your Dahlias
  8. Cover Cropping
  9. Soil Testing & Bed Prep
  10. Watering Dahlias
  11. Supporting Dahlias
  12. Dahlia Plant Spacing

BONUS TOPICS (included in this 'Deluxe Access' only):

  • Dahlia Culling for Hybridisation
  • Saving Dahlia Seeds
  • Processing Dahlia Seeds - Part 1
  • Processing Dahlia Seeds - Part 2

After completing your order, you will be emailed with details on how to securely access the online course. You will have unlimited access to your course content.


  • This special offer grants you exclusive early access to my Winter Dahlia Tuber sale. You will get to shop one day ahead of the public sale. Instructions on how to privately access the website once the sale is ready will be sent to you via email (sale expected late Winter).
  • There is a limit of ONE (1) tuber per cultivar
  • Further purchases can be made in the public sale
  • Shipping cannot be combined so I strongly recommend being patient and placing one order only.

WORKSHOP GOODIE BAG (shipped within Australia):

  • Dahlia seed collection
  • SHFF pen
  • SHFF writing pad
  • SHFF mug

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the workshop is only available to residents of NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD & SA due to quarantine restrictions. For residents of TAS, WA & NT who are interested in this course, please go to the 'Online Learning' page of the website to access the digital-only version of this workshop.

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