All seeds are open-pollinated by the bees and hand-harvested from flowers I grow naturally on my flower farm, with no nasty chemicals!

As an avid cut-flower plant collector, I want to share both my Dahlia seeds as well as some of the unique varieties of perennial plants that I love growing on my farm. Perennial plants offer unique ingredients for beautiful bouquets, both for flowers and foliage. I hope you enjoy growing these as much as I do.

My new seed packaging uses recyclable and reusable tins, which not only look beautiful but will be so useful for storage when you collect your own seeds in future. Growing instructions are provided on the website and can be easily accessed via the QR code on the back of the seed tin.

Terms & Conditions

All seeds are hand-harvested, sorted and packed on the flower farm.

Each seed variety has been germination tested.

Please store your seeds in a cool, dry place until ready for sowing, then follow the instructions to grow your plants.

All packaging used is recyclable, so please reuse or sustainably dispose of the materials.

You are responsible for the growth of your seeds and plants.

Every propagation setup, climate and soil type is different so it is very important you learn what works in your individual environment and take care of your seeds and plants accordingly. No responsibility is taken by Southern Highlands Flower Farm for the growth of your plants after you have received your seeds.

Shipping Information

Seeds can be posted Australia-wide, with the unfortunate exceptions of WA, NT & TAS due to quarantine restrictions.